Frankincense/Gum Olibanum Somalia Uzala Incense grade

Scientific Name : B.Carterii
500 grams
1 KG


Gum Olibanum Boswellia carterii Uzala quality; particularly used for raw bakhoor incense. It is one of the family of Carterii.

Description: Boswellia carterii is a small to medium-sized tree that grows in arid regions, particularly in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It has a distinctive shape with multiple branches and a sparse canopy of slender leaves. The bark is rough and grayish-brown in color.

Resin: The tree produces a resin known as gum olibanum or frankincense. The resin is obtained by making incisions in the bark, allowing the sap to ooze out and harden into small tears or droplets. It has a unique fragrance, often described as woody, citrusy, and spicy. Gum olibanum has been highly valued for centuries and is used in various religious, spiritual, and cultural rituals, as well as in perfumery, incense, and traditional medicine.

Traditional and Medicinal Uses: Gum olibanum has a long history of use in traditional medicine. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antimicrobial properties. It has been used to treat respiratory conditions, digestive issues, arthritis, wounds, and skin problems. The resin is often burned as incense to purify the air and promote relaxation and spiritual well-being.

Commercial Use: Gum olibanum is harvested and traded worldwide for its aromatic and therapeutic qualities. It is a key ingredient in perfumes, cosmetics, and fragrances due to its unique scent. It is also used in the production of incense sticks and cones. Boswellia carterii resin is collected sustainably to ensure the long-term viability of the species.

Cultivation: Boswellia carterii is cultivated in some regions for its resin production. It requires a dry and hot climate with well-drained soil. The trees are typically grown from seeds, and it takes several years for them to mature and produce resin.

It's important to note that Boswellia carterii is just one of several species within the Boswellia genus that produce gum olibanum. Each species may have its own unique characteristics and uses.