Oud Spentdust Powder-Aquilaria

Scientific Name : Aquilaria
500 Grams
1 KG


Oud Spentdust Powder, also known as Agarwood Spent Dust Powder or Agarwood Powder, is a unique and highly prized substance derived from Agarwood, a resinous wood produced by certain species of trees belonging to the Aquilaria and Gyrinops genera. Here is a description of Oud Spentdust Powder:

Source: Oud Spentdust Powder is obtained from the remnants of Agarwood after the essential oil extraction process. Agarwood trees naturally produce a resinous substance in response to injury or infection, which eventually forms the precious Agarwood. After the resin is extracted to obtain the valuable Agarwood essential oil, the remaining spent dust is carefully collected and processed to create Oud Spentdust Powder.

Appearance and Texture: Oud Spentdust Powder typically has a fine and powdery texture. It is usually dark brown or black in color, with a rich and earthy appearance. The powder is soft to the touch and may have a slightly gritty feel due to the presence of small particles.

Fragrance: Oud Spentdust Powder carries the characteristic aroma of Agarwood, which is highly sought after for its rich and complex scent. The fragrance is often described as woody, earthy, smoky, and resinous, with deep and aromatic notes that can vary depending on the specific type of Agarwood used. The scent of Oud Spentdust Powder is intense and long-lasting, making it a valuable ingredient in perfumery and aromatic applications.

Uses: Oud Spentdust Powder is widely used in various industries and applications. In perfumery, it is a prized ingredient used to add depth, complexity, and a distinct agarwood aroma to fragrances. It is also utilized in the production of incense sticks, agarbatti, and other aromatic products, where its fragrant properties create a captivating and spiritual ambiance. Additionally, Oud Spentdust Powder may be used in traditional medicine, herbal preparations, and alternative therapies for its believed medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Cultural Significance: Oud Spentdust Powder holds significant cultural and religious importance in many parts of the world, particularly in Middle Eastern, Asian, and African cultures. It has been used for centuries in rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual practices, where its fragrance is believed to evoke a sense of tranquility, meditation, and connection to the divine.

Quality and Authenticity: Due to its high value and demand, it is important to source Oud Spentdust Powder from reputable suppliers to ensure its authenticity and quality. Authentic Oud Spentdust Powder should have a potent and distinct agarwood scent and maintain its characteristic properties.

Oud Spentdust Powder is a precious and sought-after substance cherished for its captivating fragrance and cultural significance. Its unique aroma and versatile applications make it a prized ingredient in the world of perfumery, aromatic products, and spiritual practices.