About Us

Botani General Trading L.L.C - established in the year 1952 as a family businesses is leading supplier, importer, exporter and traders of premium Natural aromatic Raw materials headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a pioneering trader selling both in wholesale (Bulk) as well as retail markets in the U.A.E and worldwide around the globe. Our main area of specialization are;
  • Natural Aromatic Gums & resins,
  • Raw herbs & Aromatic Woods
  • Raw Botanicals & flowers,
  • Raw Botanical Powders
  • Raw Plant roots & spices
  • Raw & manufactured Incense
  • Plant roots, botanicals & herbal powders
  • Seashells
  • Dried fruits
Our major Imports & Exports encounters various parts of the globe with products originating from various parts of the world mostly developing countries and are the basic raw materials for organic by value added products.long term trade commitments with honesty, and maintain sincere relations with our clients for generations, by completing their specific demands, completed on time & providing top quality as ensured by our Quality department.

We have the oldest & reputable farmers, suppliers of natural raw materials, who sustainably harvest production ensuring government obligations are met, eco-friendly production, sorting & laboring process is ethically done. They ensure no trees are harmed during any process of manual gum extraction. 
Stocked over 120+ raw ingredients at our warehouse in Dubai, U.A.E; these raw materials are used in Perfumery, Incense, medicinal and pharmaceutical industries. We have made excellent reputation in the international and local markets by importing & exporting medicinal herbs, gums and spice.

Botani General Trading L.L.C Supplies all the items both in bulk (wholesale) and retail to our customers, potential extraction & manufacturing companies in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and worldwide. Botani General Trading is registered licensed company under License No. 691328  with Dubai Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber of Commerce industry, and registered Gold supplier on alibaba , trade key and exportersIndia.​

https://www.ebotanii.com/, Dubai, U.A.E is Exclusively fulfilled by of our wholesale subdivision https://www.botanii.com/