Black Fasoukh Incense grade

Scientific Name : Ferula Communis
500 grams
1 KG


 Black Fasoukh- also known as Fasoukh maghribi

Preparation: Fasoukh is made by collecting the dung of specific herbivorous animals and allowing it to dry. Once dried, it is often powdered and sometimes mixed with other ingredients.

Traditional Uses:

Medicinal Applications: In traditional folk medicine, Fasoukh is used for a variety of purposes. It is believed to have therapeutic properties and is used to treat ailments such as digestive disorders, skin conditions, and wound healing.

Fuel: Dried dung from animals like cows is also used as a fuel source in some regions for cooking and heating.

Cultural Significance: The use of Fasoukh in traditional medicine and as fuel has cultural and historical significance in some societies. It is part of a broader tradition of using natural resources for various purposes.

Safety Considerations: The safety and efficacy of Fasoukh may vary depending on its source, preparation, and intended use. In some cases, it may contain pathogens or impurities, so proper handling and processing are important.

It's important to note that the use of Fasoukh is specific to certain cultural contexts and traditional practices. While it may have been used historically for medicinal purposes, modern healthcare and sanitation practices have largely replaced the use of animal dung in medicine. If you are considering the use of Fasoukh or related substances for any purpose, it's essential to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner or expert who is knowledgeable about the traditional practices and safety considerations associated with its use.