Raw Aromatic Gum Benzoin/RED Jawi Incense

Scientific Name : Styrax Benzoin Jawi
50 grams
200 Grams
500 grams
1 KG


Introducing Red Jawi Benzoin, also known as Bakhoor Luban Offered by Botani General Trading L.L.C a captivating natural substance derived from the crimson sap or resin of select tree species like Styrax benzoin. When these trees are gently wounded, a rich red sap emerges, eventually solidifying into the glossy resin that is Red Jawi Benzoin.

Description: Red Jawi Benzoin, with its deep red or crimson hue, carries a unique mystique. The resin, renowned for its aesthetic appeal, is characterized by a lustrous appearance that adds an intriguing quality to its natural allure.

Traditional Uses: Steeped in a rich history of traditional practices, Red Jawi Benzoin has been a revered component in various cultures worldwide. Traditionally used in rituals, spiritual practices, and traditional medicine, this resin is believed to embody protective, purifying, and invigorating qualities.

Healing and Medicinal Uses: With a legacy in traditional medicine, Red Jawi Benzoin has been applied topically to aid in wound healing, addressing cuts, and supporting skin conditions. Traditional beliefs attribute it with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and tissue-regenerating properties. In addition, it has been employed in traditional remedies for gastrointestinal and respiratory concerns, contributing to overall well-being.

Ritual and Spiritual Uses: Red Jawi Benzoin, steeped in spiritual significance, has been employed in various rituals across diverse cultures. Thought to ward off negative energies and evil spirits, the resin is often burned as incense or utilized in smudging ceremonies to purify spaces, elevate spiritual connections, and foster positive energies.

Crafts and Dyes: Beyond its spiritual and medicinal roles, Red Jawi Benzoin finds application in the realm of crafts. The resin's deep red color serves as a natural dye and pigment for woodworking, varnishes, paints, and dyes, contributing a touch of sophistication to artistic endeavors.

Modern Applications: In contemporary times, Red Jawi Benzoin persists in traditional medicine practices and has found its way into natural skincare and cosmetic products. Marketed for its potential antioxidant and anti-aging effects, it is incorporated into creams, ointments, soaps, and serums, reflecting a seamless blend of ancient wisdom with modern wellness pursuits.

It's crucial to acknowledge that, similar to its predecessor dragon's blood resin, scientific studies on the specific medicinal properties of Red Jawi Benzoin are limited. As with any natural substance, exercising caution and consulting healthcare professionals or practitioners is advisable before using Red Jawi Benzoin for any purpose.

Red Jawi Benzoin stands as a symbol of cultural heritage, embodying a spectrum of historical practices while weaving its unique hues and properties into the tapestry of traditional rituals, crafts, and contemporary applications.