White Peony Oud Saleeb Root

Scientific Name : Paeonia officinalis Linn.
500 grams
1 KG


Paeonia officinalis Linn., commonly known as "Oud Saleeb" or "Common Peony," is a perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to the Paeoniaceae family. This beautiful and ornamental flowering plant is native to various parts of Europe, including the Mediterranean region.

Physical Characteristics:

Leaves: The plant features deeply divided, dark green, and glossy leaves that are usually compound and pinnate in appearance.

Flowers: Paeonia officinalis produces large, showy, and fragrant flowers. The flowers come in a range of colors, including shades of pink, red, or occasionally white. They typically have five to ten petals, depending on the variety.

Roots: The plant has a fleshy, tuberous root system that is often used in traditional herbal medicine.

Habitat and Growing Conditions:


Paeonia officinalis thrives in temperate climates and can be found in open woodlands, meadows, and rocky slopes. It prefers well-drained, slightly alkaline soils and typically requires full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.

Cultural and Historical Significance:


This species has a long history of use in traditional medicine, particularly for its purported medicinal properties. Paeonia officinalis is also highly valued for its ornamental qualities, making it a popular choice in gardens and floral arrangements.

Oud Saleeb in Traditional Medicine:

The roots of Paeonia officinalis have been used in traditional herbal medicine for their potential medicinal properties. They have been historically employed for their astringent, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. The plant has been used to address various ailments, such as gastrointestinal issues, pain, and women's health concerns.

Cultivation and Garden Use:

Paeonia officinalis is cultivated for its stunning flowers in gardens and landscapes. It is often grown for its aesthetic appeal and the pleasant fragrance of its blossoms.

Gardeners may choose from various cultivated varieties with different flower colors and forms.

Conservation Status:

In some regions, Paeonia officinalis is considered endangered or at risk due to habitat loss and over-collection. Overall, Paeonia officinalis, or Oud Saleeb, is both an attractive garden plant and a species with historical significance in traditional herbal medicine. Its vibrant flowers and potential medicinal properties have contributed to its enduring popularity